Decisive insight and proven expertise in developing cohesive, aligned global Leadership teams that accelerate growth.

Leadership Consulting

Aspen’s Leadership Consulting services enable clients to design and develop organisations that are primed for hyper-growth or game-changing transformation: a refreshing, pragmatic, outcome-driven and agile approach, grounded in 30 years’ experience supporting multiple business models within high-growth innovation sectors.

We develop a deep understanding of each client’s current business, strategic goals and competitive market, facilitating a close partnership with boards, investors, founders and CEOs. Our clients create outcome-driven executive talent strategies that maximise performance, revenues, profitability and shareholder value by assuring continuous and outstanding leadership for the long-term.

With a comprehensive range of Executive and Operational Team Assessment, Mentoring, Coaching, Succession Planning and Due Diligence Services, our portfolio is focused on de-risking investment, accelerating transformation and increasing competitive advantage through build-out of cohesive organisations  equipped to maximize market opportunity and revenues. Equally applicable for growing companies preparing for Trade Sale or IPO, B2B and B2C enterprise businesses driving digital transformation, or to underpin investment decisions and senior appointments, we provide objective appraisal of the people infrastructure, performance, behaviour, culture and potential.

An essential element of our approach to Leadership Consulting is to centre all analysis around the core objectives of achieving business strategy and maximising investor value. Looking beyond some of the standard, non-contextualised ‘personality/leadership profile’ type analysis, we aim instead to provide actionable insight into the current capabilities of leaders, the leadership dynamic and the overall organisational structure to deliver on strategic objectives. In so doing, we clearly identify any gaps and risks, and help clients develop leadership programmes that bridge these gaps, providing a leadership platform fully equipped for the journey ahead.

Leaders and Leadership teams embarking on a development programme with Aspen gain access to the Aspen Advisory Board, a unique cadre of proven industry thought leaders whose experience spans Board, CEO and C-suite Leadership across all functions.  The Board enables Clients to tap into a confidential resource of unmatched experience, spanning topics as varying as On-Premise to Cloud product transition, Customer Success, achieving successful IPO, ‘Scale to Sale’, Building to Culture, achieving Thought leader brands, and much more.

Aspen is unique in creating an intimate, inspiring environment for discussion of strategic direction and personal development that has real and significant impact.


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