A place to grow, evolve and succeed.


Aspen is a great place to grow. We focus on enabling our team to develop themselves through careers that are challenging and fulfilling, encouraging people to accomplish their aspirations in an authentic environment.

Our Clients are some of industry’s most inspirational leaders, who seek a service based on adding value and outstanding levels of service, where we partner as trusted advisers.

We provide structured career paths with progressive earnings potential. Each member of the team has a clearly defined development plan to advance their executive search, business and personal skills in support of achieving their long-term goals, both as trusted advisers to Clients and within our team.

This framework allows individuals to develop exceptional consulting, communication and project management skills, and encourages personal growth and the development of each consultant’s personal identity, all underpinned by a strong brand and a proven platform by which to deliver an empowered, team-working environment.

We actively encourage our team to achieve their professional ambitions and personal goals while contributing to our shared expertise, and to express themselves within their career and daily work.

Whatever stage you are at in your search career, we provide an environment where you can continue to evolve and succeed.


Our driving purpose is to accelerate and maximise Client outcomes. Clients recognise that our value derives not from transactional engagement, but from partnering closely to support and drive long-term journeys of growth and transformation, always understanding the Client’s need for speed and excellence.


We aim always to operate as one team with our Clients, building unique partnerships based on quality of execution, trust, expertise, honesty, humility and integrity. By understanding our Client’s needs and objectives and aligning all that we do to support these, we build relationships that deliver results through open communication and effective collaboration, following through consistently and taking ownership for our actions and results.

Ethical ecosystem

We enjoy getting great results by partnering with great people: Clients, Candidates and Colleagues. We prize strong values, understanding they are the cornerstone of the long-term relationships on which our success relies. We will not pursue revenue that compromises these relationships or values.


We are the recognised leader in building winning global technology businesses. We achieve results by living and breathing our global markets, deeply immersing ourselves in our Clients’ businesses and understanding our Candidates’ unique career goals and life aspirations. We prize expertise and continually deepen global insight across our team and at every level in our business, maximising our value to Clients and Candidates in all that we do.


We strive always to develop our services, our expertise, ourselves and each other to the peak, so that we can deliver real competitive advantage to Clients and build rewarding and challenging careers. We are drivers of change operating at the leading edge of the global innovation industries, overcoming challenges to deliver results with focus, determination and energy. We actively encourage continuous innovation, creativity, reflection and learning.