Enterprise SaaS, Software, Cybersecurity and Technology

We have lived and breathed the continuous evolutions in the global Enterprise SaaS, Software, Cybersecurity and Technology markets 24/7/365 since inception.

Our Clients are able to draw on an unrivalled depth of expertise and a global network of industry thought leaders developed over 30 years and spanning all regions.

From our early years working with innovative disruptors in the database and applications markets, through supporting the explosive growth of new markets for CRM, Business Continuity, SaaS, content and digital solutions, to the current day where we work with clients operating at the vanguard of IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection, Privileged Access Management, Customer Experience and Predictive Analytics, there remains one common theme: clients are empowered to outstrip the competition by securing and developing world-class leadership for the long-term.

In my experience, the Aspen team stands head and shoulders above the rest of the industry – they combine a unique depth of expertise, a proven methodology, and a deeply human commitment to our shared success. They understand how to build to culture during hypergrowth, and how to continually develop and enhance leadership teams for the journey ahead. That’s why I consistently trust Aspen to represent us on the global stage…

LARS BJÖRK, VC and Former CEO, Qlik

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