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For investors, founders and leaders who rely on Boards, for CEOs who look to Boards for constructive guidance and robust oversight, and indeed for many board members themselves, the challenges with the traditional models of board leadership are clear:

“the most common complaint by CEOs interviewed for this study is that ‘directors don’t understand the business’” Inside the Boardroom Leblanc and Gillies

“…just 16 percent said they fully understood how the industry dynamics of their companies were changing” Improving board governance: McKinsey Global Survey results

“Only…61% said their colleagues understand the company’s key technologies and business practices” Building Better Boards, Harvard Business Review David A Nadler

“81% of our survey respondents said it’s become more difficult to recruit qualified directors; close to 40% said their boards lack an effective process for selecting new members.” Building Better Boards, Harvard Business Review David A Nadler

Nowhere is this challenge more apparent than in the digital, technology and enterprise software markets, where rapidly and continuously evolving innovation and competitive landscapes mean boards must be more adaptive, informed and engaged than ever before. For businesses in these markets to stay ahead of the innovation curve for the long term, a new breed of board director is required; exceptional individuals who exhibit up to the minute industry knowledge, operational experience and functional expertise.

Our Board Search and Advisory portfolio has been developed with clients over many years to meet this challenge. We support clients in building boards that can effectively partner with CEOs and executive teams to distill business strategy, provide value-creating oversight on execution, and remain engaged to support the leadership team long-term as markets continue to evolve.

  • Global Board search and appointment
  • Board composition, effectiveness, culture and diversity
  • Board assessment, mentoring, coaching, succession planning and due diligence
  • Connection to the Aspen Global leader and NED network
  • Pre-IPO and Private Equity-backed Board strategy

Our approach is holistic, seeing each director as one piece of the overall solution, and focusing on ensuring the Board as a whole has the right skills and experience to add continuing value to business strategy and oversight.

Working in unison, these services enable clients to combine best practice with game-changing creativity, deep operational expertise with competitive edge, accelerating investor outcomes and building cohesive organisations focused in one direction that become – and remain – recognised leaders within their markets.

“The fulfillment of the monitoring function is basically a compliance problem, whereas the strategy role is a creative one. It may well be that working with the executives of the firm in the development of strategy is the most important task of members of the boardInside the Boardroom Leblanc and Gillies

…they have a fantastic international network and are exceptional in matching people, creating unique, new relationships that have significant impact on the business


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