A holistic approach to leadership and talent, aligning the people asset to growth goals at every level.

What Makes us Different

We are an active thinking partner with CEOs, Executive Teams and their Boards.

We provide expert insight that enables clients to maximise growth, scale and reduce time to market in a volatile world economy where there is huge competition for customer mindshare and thought-leading talent.

We are recognised for:

  • Building cohesive global organisations primed for growth
  • Supporting innovators to take market share and beat the competition
  • Hiring game-changing innovation leaders for enterprise digital transformation
  • Long tenure partnerships built on trust and integrity, and focused always on achieving Client growth goals
  • Helping companies to break out of their home markets successfully and go global, while retaining core ethos
  • Building to culture and values across all territories
  • A rigorous search capability, regarded as best in industry by our Clients
  • Providing deep insight across talent markets, enabling Clients to be confident in their hiring decisions

Aspen Candidates are known for:

  • Being world-class business leaders in their field
  • Making swift and significant impact and personal contribution to our Clients’ success
  • Spearheading growth and transformation; being agents for change and evolution
  • Having expertise and experience aligned to Client business vision and strategic goals
  • Demonstrating clear values and a strong cultural fit
  • Adding value for the long-term: progressing rapidly, in line with client growth goals

What makes Aspen stand out is the amount of effort and research they put in to source candidates …Many other search firms simply call through their rolodex, starting with best fit to least fit. Aspen’s focused research effort meant that every candidate from start to end of the process was a fit for the role.


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