Securing investor milestones in competitive global markets

Investors at Aspen Worldwide

We partner closely with visionary and engaged investors, supporting them as they evaluate potential businesses and Leadership teams for their portfolio, and following investment as they guide and nurture these CEOs, Boards, founders and Leadership Teams to accelerate growth and transformation and unlock hidden value.

With a resolute focus on achieving or surpassing investor growth goals and exit strategies, we provide unrivalled expertise and depth of experience in building some of the biggest global success stories in the history of enterprise technology: from our early days working with likes of Oracle and Peoplesoft, through to supporting the hypergrowth trajectories of Siebel Systems and, accelerating the market-disrupting innovation and dynamism of Qlik, right through to working with some of today’s most promising unicorns-in-the-making in the fields of AI, big data, machine learning, predictive analytics, cybersecurity and IoT.

Whether you are a Private Equity or Venture Capital investor, our team of experts can help you to unleash the potential in your evolving tech portfolio.

Building cohesive global leadership teams that maximize on competitive advantage, revenues, profitability and market share.

A new blueprint for Board leadership that delivers a consistent, value-creating competitive edge in today’s fastest-moving global markets.

Our unique approach to Leadership Assessment and Development maximises performance by equipping world-class leadership teams to drive ambitious, sustainable growth.

An agile platform of early stage services, enabling rapid scaling and achievement of investor milestones.

Aspen’s understanding of the bigger picture, the needs and wants of all of the stakeholders involved in building global leadership teams, is of huge value to me as CEO, and to our business; from the Executive Team to the Board, from the Founders to our investors and shareholders, it makes a huge difference that Aspen deeply appreciates and understands the positions and perspectives of the entire chain of stakeholders


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