Expert, experienced partners in building high-performing global businesses.

Our Services

Building and aligning cohesive global leadership teams that maximize on competitive advantage, revenues, profitability and market share.

A new blueprint for Board leadership that delivers a consistent, value-creating competitive edge in today’s fastest-moving global markets.

Our unique approach to CEO and Executive Coaching, Assessment, and Leadership Team Development combines powerful neuroscience with deep market expertise, equipping CEOs to build cohesive teams that drive ambitious, sustainable growth.

An agile platform of early stage services, enabling rapid scaling and achievement of investor milestones.

Aligning leadership with growth goals, equipping companies to outperform the competition.

From scale-ups to category-creating unicorns and decacorns, to publicly listed global tech leaders, our expertise centers on hypergrowth, disruptive markets that continually transform and innovate.

We work across:

  • Enterprise SaaS and Software
  • AI, Analytics, ML and Big Data
  • CyberSecurity
  • Blockchain and Web3
  • Fintech, Insurtech,
  • Omni-Channel eCommerce, Online Platforms and Marketplaces

Our client partnerships are long-term, 360° relationships that enable clients to think through and optimize their leadership, aligning global organizations to deliver competitive advantage, high growth, and the consistent transformation required to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

We excel at building cohesion and diversity of thinking into high-performing Exec Teams and their organizations, as well as supporting CEOs and investors to build Boards that add value and bring thought-leading insight and experience for the journey ahead.

Aspen’s impact goes far beyond building cohesive global leadership teams, or developing great individual leaders; it’s about building success together.”

BASTIAN NOMINACHER, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Celonis

Accelerating growth for category creators, market disrupters and their investors.

About Us

Aspen® is the world’s leading growth partner to the enterprise tech industry. For over three decades we have partnered with some of the world’s leading tech companies as they have created and led new markets, scaled and achieved successful IPOs, and as they continue to shape our world as established Nasdaq- and NYSE-listed $Multi-Bn market leaders.

Clients come to us for an expert partner as they accelerate sustainable growth. We support Founders, CEOs and Executive Teams to create high-performance, healthy company cultures – cultures which enable them to attract the world’s top talent and make a positive impact on the world through great innovation and technology, delighting customers, shareholders, and stakeholders alike.

Our delivery capability spans the globe, with Board, CEO, C-Suite and Global Leadership assignments delivered in every continent, and a depth of expertise in hiring globally recognized thought leaders and key individual contributors across all functions and disciplines within enterprise technology businesses. As such, we have been privy to supporting build out of some of the most value-creating and culture-driven enterprises in the technology market.

Our consultants have worked at the heart of the continuous evolution in enterprise software and technology innovation over thirty years, supporting a Client base that have global HQs located in the Americas, Nordics, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Israel, Central Europe and APJ. Our team works with Clients to create sustainable people frameworks that accelerate growth: cohesive leadership and talent cultures, closely aligned to business strategy.

We build unique, long-lasting 360° Client and Candidate relationships built on trust, and a deep insight that assures value-add and consistently successful outcomes: global partnerships that support rapid growth and drive transformational business results, in many cases for emerging Clients that have progressed to become the largest global market leader in their field.

Securing commercial milestones and investor exits

Long-term journeys of growth and transformation

Proven partners supporting journeys of transformation.

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